The Bear RIver Tides is back.

For more than a year we suspended publication in an attempt to bring some calm to the village.

However, in Nov. 2016,  Donald Trump was elected to the presidency of the United States and has lodged such an attack on free press and offered copious “alternative facts” as truths, that it is time for all those who care about truth to respond.

The Board of Trade members that we name in this blog have behaved exactly like the Trump White House in their behaviour and it is no longer conscionable to allow those who oppose freedom of speech to be allowed to destroy the cornerstone of democracy.

In not publishing the Tides, we had hoped to offer a truce to the other side, however they have continued to slander and spread lies about us.

We fully expect Jon Welch (owner of Sissiboo Coffee  and woman abuser)to relaunch his vicious and malicious version of the Tides but if that is the consequence of free speech, then we can only say, so be it. Knock yourself out.

JOIN THE MOVEMENT; BOYCOTT SISSIBOO COFFEE! (see post: women beware, boycott Sissiboo coffee)

Like the Washington Post says: Democracy dies in Darkness.

Now, more than ever, people can not turn their backs on bad and corrupt behaviour. It needs to be exposed for what it is and those who choose to do nothing against it, at least have the opportunity to at least know about it.

The Beginning:

Once upon a time: (2010) there was a lovely tidal village known as Bear River, Nova Scotia.

People would come to Bear River and say: “Oh what a great place, I think I’ll move here!”

Believing they were smarter than the average local , some of these people decided that they would take over the Bear River Board of Trade and make Bear River a better place to live, perhaps forgetting why they had come here in the first place.

Working on behalf of their own egos, the small group has managed in a short time to wreck havoc and cause divisions that will take a long time to heal.

Here is the story of corruption and lies and deceit and thuggery and unbelievable stupidity.  It is a story of people who cannot think for themselves.  Unfortunately, the village of Bear River will probably be irreparably damaged by their behaviour.

Here are their names:


This blogsite is devoted to documenting the course of their actions which includes ego driven folly that we couldn’t have made up in a million years. It is a fascinating study in sociology and psychology and life in a small rural village.

(For all the other information about this very special town, please visit bearrivernovascotia.com and read about the the past and present of the village)

One of their first acts was to bind themselves together and practice partisan politics, driving out the rational, community minded members.  The ones that wouldn’t leave of their own volition, were censored and driven out.  Criticism is not tolerated in the world of the KELLY FOXTON/LARRY KNOX  gang.

But here is what we believe:


The Bear River Tides is a monthly newsletter bringing items of interest to the community, such as local news, events and social notes.  Remember: today’s news is tomorrow’s history.

There are some people on the Board of Trade who are crying; “Let’s just move on!” “Let’s just work together”.   Which really means: let’s just work with our pals and exclude anyone who criticizes us in any way.”

If “moving on” means going along with Kelly Foxton, Larry Knox and the leadership of the Bear River Board of Trade without questioning their methods or motives, then we can equate ourselves to those who did not question the excesses of George W. Bush’s USA, Stalin’s USSR, or Hitler’s Germany. It is important to speak out against what you believe to be wrong, no matter whether it’s the government of Canada, or a small town organization. And no matter what the price. We believe thinking for yourself is the most important right of an individual.

Everyday we walk past the cenotaph and are reminded of what those who served in the wars overseas sacrificed themselves for; our democratic freedoms, our right to disagree, our right to free speech, and the opposition of tyranny. We can take up that torch  even in small ways of trying to bring the truth to a community when the people in charge show themselves to be less than forthright.

This blog is dedicated to all those who sacrificed themselves in order that we may have the freedom of speech and the right to disagree.

Working together requires more than just the masses lining up to salute the doings of a small group of people.

If the executive of the BEAR RIVER BOARD OF TRADE & THE BEAR RIVER HISTORICAL SOCIETY and their respective directorships are in disagreement with what we print, that is their right to do so. We need to point out, however, that what we are doing is exposing them and their back-room actions which shall shape the village for years to come (the decision to destroy the windmill without a vote from the directors or the general membership is an example). It is the right and responsibility of a Free Press to challenge the status quo, and like it or not, that is what The Bear River Tides aims to do.

If anyone can prove that anything we write is not true, then we will retract it and issue an apology.


Thank God for the Freedom of Speech, guaranteed to all Canadians in the Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms as per Section 2, Article B: (Everyone has) freedom of thought, belief, opinion and expression, including freedom of the press and other media of communication

Try arguing with THAT one…

Just another day in Bear River, Nova Scotia